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November 5th, 2007

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I will keep a running tally of all the information for the 3D animated series, The Clone Wars, so you don’t have to read every blog post to catch up:

  • Expected to air in 2008
  • Each episode will have a running time of 22 minutes to fill a half-hour time slot
  • There will be at least 100 episodes produced, 40 are said to be finished already
  • Kilian Plunkett referred to the character designs from the 2003 2D series when designing the characters for the 3D series
  • There is still no television network yet signed up for the series
  • Anthony Daniels will voice C3-PO
  • Several show topics have been mentioned: “Episodes with nothing but stormtroopers”, “an episode just about Kit Fisto”

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