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November 9th, 2007

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Young Indiana Jones ChroniclesGeorge Lucas has mentioned that the upcoming Star Wars television series would be similar to the work Lucas and producer Rick McCallum did on the Young Indiana Jones Chronicles television series in the early nineties.

So my interest has been piqued and I need to check out this series. I am not quite sure why I knew nothing about this series at the time it was on TV or why I have paid no attention to it since, but this article gives a lot of detail on the series and Lucas’s affection for the project that make me think it is worth looking into further:

“We have another chance to let the world see it,” he says, “and that’s exciting for me.”

(Said Lucas referring to the) 1992-93 ABC television series, The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, which is, by the standards of the 63-year-old filmmaker’s career, a beautiful loser. It was, he says, “the single most fun I ever had with any project.”

Over the past four years, Lucas and Paramount Home Video have pumped millions of dollars into reframing Young Indiana as a lavish library of DVDs with a staggering number of extras, including 94 highly polished documentaries on famous people and moments in history. Volume one, with 12 DVDs, is in stores with a $ 129. 98 list price. Volume two is due Dec. 13.

Lucas said it was a victory persuading Paramount and ABC to let him make Young Indiana.

“They let me do it, and do it in the way I wanted to do it. The main thing I was really after was to see how many shows I could get done before they woke up and said enough is enough. And, you know, we managed to get 44 hours of material out there. I felt grateful I got as much done as I did.”

Critics loved it. “By far,” The New York Times weighed in, “the most impressively mounted weekly show on television.” Time said no show had “more ambition or style,” and The Wall Street Journal said it raised the standards of television production to “the caliber of theatrical film.” Bill Moyers wished that the series would be “my grandson’s companion far into the 21 st century.” It won 11 Emmy Awards.

The show was a gathering point for an impressive amount of talent, on-screen and off, with actors such as Max von Sydow, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Elizabeth Hurley and Daniel Craig passing through its stories, and directors such as Mike Newell working with writers such as Frank Darabont.

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