post How Will Hollywood Writer’s Strike Affect Star Wars TV Series?

November 15th, 2007

There has been no official word out on how the Writers Guild of America strike has impacted George Luca’s plans for developing both an animated and a live-action television series. However we can easily determine a few things:

Yoda Courtyard at Skywalker RanchFirst of all, the 3-D CGI Animated series The Clone Wars should not be affected at all, since Lucas reported that 40 episodes are already completed in their entirety.

However, the Live-Action series development will certainly be delayed some, since Lucas was on his way to Los Angeles to recruit freelance “writers of real significance” in late October when the strike talk was already hot and heavy.

The plan was to bring these writers to Skywalker Ranch to hatch out ideas for the first 13 episodes, but since the strike began Nov. 5th that meeting my or may not have happened. Those writers according to the strike would most likely have to decline, however who would turn down an invitation to the Star Wars capital of the galaxy Skywalker Ranch – so there is a good possibility it did happen, just no one is talking about it.

However, even if this first writer’s session was canceled it shouldn’t delay the actual 2009 release of the television show. The only fear of that would be if this strike lasts much longer than the 1988 writer’s strike that lasted 5 months, but that seems highly unlikely.

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