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March 17th, 2008

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George Lucas was at ShoWest convention to promote the upcoming theater release of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, which will come to theaters August 15th before the animated television series of the same name debutes this fall on Cartoon network.

Besides Lucas breaking the news that the live-action show will likely not come out until 2010 he also shared some more insights in to the animated series:

“It’s not that episodic. Some of the episodes are stand-alone and some are two, some are three, some are four [parters], and there’s no cliffhangers. It’s not like the current vogue of 24 and The Wire and stuff where you actually have to watch the entire series in order to understand what’s going on. This is an old-fashioned episodic show.”

Lucas has stated he will plans to do 100 episodes of The Clone Wars, and it appears he is well on his way saying: “We have one year finished, we’re in the middle of the second year. I’ve written the third year. We expect this to go on for at least five or six years.”

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